Friday, September 7, 2012

Primary Reading Notebooks

Reading Notebooks are a great tool for ALL kids! I have had several questions about how a Reading Notebook might look like in primary grades. I would personally do a “whole class” notebook in kindergarten and the 1st semester of first grade. Set up a chart tablet, either full size or half, dedicated to being your Class Reading Notebook.

This is going to be a collection of your anchor charts and a way for you to refer back to genres and lessons since CSCOPE spirals throughout the year. The examples I am showing are from 1st grade TEKS in Unit 1.

Set up the first page or two as the table of contents. Be sure to write the date, title, and genre.
From there, make sure to date each page, write the title, and note the genre. I am going to send some resources that can go into an individual notebook as well.

The reading notebook is a great place to address Fig. 19 skills and practice comprehension and vocabulary strategies. When done individually, it is a great tool for guided reading, shared reading, and independent reading.


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