Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's That Time Again

Welcome back!

What a great first week of school so far! Our teachers in Wylie ISD are amazing. New curriculum, new assessments, new planning...You guys have taken it all in stride and run with it!

Many of you are jumping right in with setting up expectations and that includes your reader's notebook. Be sure to spend some time getting this amazing tool set up the first few weeks of school. You can browse some of the boards on Pinterest under Wylie Specialists. I am also going to attach some photos of some ways to start your own reader's notebook!

Your reader's notebook should be a tool. It is a place for students to respond to literature. TEKS 1.19C,2.19C, 3.20C, and 4.18C. Students can respond to literature during whole class lessons, small group instruction and during independent reading. It is a place to increase your time writing and sharing thinking. Remember--"Writing is thinking on paper."


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